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Centralize your conversations in one place

We bring together the main sales and service channels in a single system, where you can organize, manage and analyze conversations with your customers.

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for sales

Turn conversations into sales

Your customer is always on WhatsApp. What about your company? With Octadesk, you connect your vendors to thousands of people through instant, organized conversations in one place. Say goodbye to personal numbers, excess devices and unanswered customers.

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Depoimentos Octadesk

The WhatsApp integration, and the possibility of working with automations via chatbot

“If you are thinking about hiring Octadesk, I have something to tell you: listen to the professionals in Octadesk! They know the system, besides from being highly qualified and having a wonderful Customer Success team. They are really worried with making that processes in our company become totally integrating into Octadesk. And that, to me, makes a world of a difference.”

Neimar Arruda - Owner


Chatbot +

Make your company available 24 hours a day

Have you ever stopped to think about how your sales would increase if you answered your customer in real time always? Through the chatbot you automate conversations and enjoy all the contacts with your companies. This way the salespeople don’t miss any more opportunities outside of business hours.

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reports +

Make data-driven decisions

We gather information from all conversations in real-time reports and dashboards. This way, you organize and manage your operation through numbers without depending on your intuition.

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Why simplifying using


Centralize messages from different channels in one place.


From sales to support, your team will be working on a single system.


Organize key sales and fulfillment metrics with customized reports.


Automate manual processes and save time to focus on what really matters: your customer.


Respond to conversations with your customers in seconds.


Get the right resources to scale your sales and simplify your operation.